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Enjoy the partnership with XonTel to get many advantages and provide your customers with the latest technologies in the field of communications, smart home solutions and call center systems for companies.

Once you become a partner of XonTel, this partnership will give you several privileges and enable you to deal with a range of internationally approved products that are certified by IEEE, FCC, CE, ROHS.

XonTel gives you integrated training, and you and your customers will have continuous technical support and many other privileges to compete with international brands with the first Arab brand in this field.

Create New Opportunities

XonTel develops various communication systems and products that work with IP technology, such as exchanges, telephones, video intercom devices, internet distribution devices, network control devices, and many other services that help your customers connect and build an integrated communication network to serve all government and service sectors and Business and homeowners.
In addition call management systems (Call Center) with many advantages to serve all business sectors of different sizes.

Maximize Profitability

Because the fields of advanced information and communication technology are becoming more and more used, your investment with XonTel is a good opportunity to increase your profits as a result of the expansion of the range of users, whether in the home and individual sector or companies, organizations, and business owners.

All-Around Enablement

  • XonTel will provide you with comprehensive and complete training to be familiar with the smallest details of the products to be able to convince your customers of them.
  • Our sales team provides you with all the support and many privileges and discounts that will help you in expanding and spreading the brand.
  • Direct technical and technical support that helps you to overcome all technical problems for you and your customers.
  • Providing technical and marketing training courses for expansion and spread.

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