Call Control

Call Control

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Call Control

Call Recording

Increase your customer loyalty, and Service Quality by “Call Recording” feature, All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded to ensure the quality of service, developing it and you agent performance.

The Call recording feature enables you to filter all agents call records, and shows you a full details.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

The IVR helps you in directing the caller to the relevant department or the required service.

If your customer called you, you can set the IVR based on your department to redirect the caller by pressing prepared numbers like,

If you ever received any call, your customer will be answered by an automated greeting, via some pre-recorded message, so he will be easly catch his answer

For example:

  • If the caller need to talk to Sales Department – he will hear a message “For Sales department press 1”
  • If the caller have any tichnical issue, he need to talk to you technical suppor agents he could easly do this after message “For Technical support press 1”

You can set any IVR based on your business requerments or departments.

This feature will help your customer to save time and get his question answered quickly.

Time Condition

Time condition is a perfect feature that helps all businesses to set up distinct time patterns for call handling.

It allows you to route after-hour calls to various destinations at a different time like working hours, holidays or even lunchtime.

It also help callcenter manager to manage which agent is available and if his extension is accessible to pick a calls or not.

Time Group

Time Group allows you to define the days and times to receive calls from your customers and direct it to your welcome IVR, and then all customers will be directly to another IVR if they call you out of your working hours.

For example, you can define a time group 9am to 5pm Sunday to Friday anually.

Call Forwarding Feature

Or by Time of the call, you can set date ranges, or by define specific hours, week days, or recurring schedules

You can use the feature of call forwaring in case of busy lines or missed calls, to redirect the caller to promotional IVR and so on.

For example:

if you do not answer your office phone after specfic numbers of rings, you could forward to your cell phone, and if you do not answer that, it could forward to your colleague’s number, before finally going to voicemail. You may also be able to use call forwarding to enable simultaneous rings for the forwarded numbers.

Call Recording Scoring for Agent

Is the process of evaluating call data against some defined performance standards.

Being used by call center managers to analyze live as well as recorded calls, call center call scoring uses evaluation forms for scoring customer service agents.

It also empowers sales and marketing teams to surface some metrics like sales script compliance as well as inbound lead quality.