Customer relationship management (CRM)


OMNI Channel

Thanks to Technology and the development of Telecomunication channels, your customer will try to get their services by contacting you via various channels like Emails, social media platforms, SMS, calls, web chat, tickets, etc..
So you are in deep need to catch all of these interactions in one place to avoid repetition of information or losing customers.

For example:

If you have a customer tried to contact with you in different channels, and the agent want to check his history he will find history like:

In this case, if the agent want to check the customer journy, he will find that this customer contacted you 24 times over 4 months, and he will find all details he may need to trace his old or current issues.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration can be considered a whole new science of extending your marketing methods by redirecting your social media followers to your website/application/page and making your social platforms more accessible to your target audience and customers.

Enjoy full flexibility with how to process data that you get from your customers via any social media plateform. Whether you want to display your marketing performance with a dashboarding tool or in case you need to trace customer history, you can do all that via Social Media Integration modules.

Keyword Filtering

Whether on social media pages or directly writing to your customer service employee in the company.
This advanced system helps companies to quickly solve and track any problem or complaint on the part of any customer