About Us

With our advanced experience in the world of telecommunications technology, we are looking forward to being one of the largest provider of this technology in the upcoming years

Who are we ?

XonTel Technology was established in the State of Kuwait in 2004, where many developers and communications engineers specializing in VoIP technology work to develop the latest services and advanced solutions in this field.

Our Works

XonTel is the largest Arab brand that invests in the development and manufacture of various communication products that work with IP technology, such as IP PBXs, IP phones, IP video intercoms, Internet Access Points, Access Point Controller and many other services that help you connect and build an integrated communication network to serve all Governmental and service sectors, Business sector, and home users.

In addition to the calls management systems (Call Center Systems) with many advantages to serve all business sectors of different sizes.

XonTel Technology – State of Kuwait is the official developer of all “XonTel” products.