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Privileges and roles


A role is a combination of privileges (i.e., permissions) that allow a user to access specific functionality within XonTel Call Center, for example, there are many privileges and roles like call center supervisor, call center observer, call center agent and call center dedicated user.

Privileges and roles, therefore, define the type of work that users are allowed to do in the contact center.

Registered users on XonTel call Center solution are assigned privileges that can be used to control access to various call center functions.

Privileges are organized into categories (i.e., groups):

Call center Supervisor

The call center Supervisors can access all call center tabs, add and edit all configurations, manage all features and then add and remove other call center users.

Call center Observer

Call center Observer can view all monitor tabs to follow up calls status and recordings, agents & queue status, tickets process, CDRs and reports.

Call center Agent

Call center Agent can access his dashboard to keep track of his missed calls and unresolved tickets, also he can add a new contact, create tickets and receive (calls from queues, SMS, and chats from website or social media)

Call center dedicated user

Call center dedicated user is a user who has custom permission and access to call center tabs, we can add and remove any permission as per the required task.


Remote Access

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies all over the world forced their employees home to work virtually, remote work has a big moment.

For this reason, XonTel enables you the possibility of Working remotely, whether from home or from another headquarters of the company, or anywhere.

The concept of remote work started to be popular, it is also known as work from home [WFH]

Remote work helps the employee to work remotely from any location outside of company offices, it also makes the employees much happier and increases their satisfaction.

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If your business has the ability to depend on Remote work, XonTel call center will help you to give the employees access to work from home.

Each employee is able to log in to the system remotely via personal credentials by logging in by user and password to access various functions based on each employee’s privileges and roles.


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