Reports & Monitoring

Reports & Monitoring

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Reports and Monitoring1

Comprehensive and accurate report for all calls

XonTel Call Center system provides you with an advanced analytical portal to help you with Reports and Monitoring purposes and employee Performance Evaluation to generate accurate Reports and statistics.

Supervisors and administrators can design their own metrics and table DB join operations, according to their needs and KPI levels.
They can also analyze the performance of their agents and services through a list of ready-made Reports and Monitoring tools, which helps to evaluate and improve your staff performance.

Performance Evaluation

Customer satisfaction is paramount for any successful brand. Even the biggest global companies are guilty of underestimating the value of a positive customer experience (CX) from time to time.
XonTel Call Center system will help you in the mission called Performance Evaluation through its wonderful module to evaluate the performance, here are some metrics that may affect.

For example:

  • Average of handeling time including (Talk time, Hold time, After-call work time).
  • Quality monitoring including (Monitoring call control, First contact resolution).
  • Customer satisfiction.
  • Schedule adherence.
  • Dial transfer rate.
  • Unavailable time.
  • Agent occupacy.

And many other factors that lead to perfection of your services and agent performance.

Reports and statistics

A call center dashboard is an intuitive visual reporting tool to help in generating accurate Reports and statistics, that display a range of relevant call center metrics and KPIs that allow customer service managers and teams to monitor and optimize performance and spot emerging trends in a central location.
The visual displays associated with call center reporting not only help to simplify the analysis process, thereby significantly reducing data consumption time – but the interactive nature of these reports empowers users to extract invaluable real-time data with ease.

XonTel call center system will provide you comprehensive and accurate reports and statistics supported with graphs that can be modified according to your need, which will give you a lot of benefits like:


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