Reasons and Benefits Of Cloud Call Center


Cloud call center Solution is a fantastic innovation that allows small and big businesses to enjoy the benefits of a call center, but with the cost and convenience of working from home. Today, many businesses are moving their call center to the cloud to stay ahead of the competition, meet and exceed customer expectations, and deliver a distinctive customer experience.
Unlike the traditional call centers that are heavy on hardware, with limitations to customer communication channels, cloud provide flexibility, cost optimization, and scalability on demand – eliminating the need for physical infrastructure.

A Definition of Cloud Call Centers

Hosted in the cloud by a business server, a cloud call center is the hub of an enterprise that handles all customer communications. Because this center is in the cloud, it makes interacting with customers, including all inbound and outbound communication via voice, email, social media, and the internet, accessible from anywhere. Cloud-based call centers require users to have internet access with enough bandwidth to accommodate them. Companies choose to modernize their call centers by choosing those in the cloud because customers increasingly use digital channels to contact businesses.

Benefits of cloud call center:

Fast Deployment:

Cloud call centers provide fast and effective results.

While the installation processes in traditional call centers can take months – set-up teams must provision computing and storage resources, install viable applications, and apply necessary configurations, not to mention test the new installation.

Choosing to move your call center to a cloud-based solution, you receive a ready-to-go product.

Easy to Use:

The use of cloud-based call centers allows users to seamlessly access systems with the help of an internet connection, and deliver high-level customer experiences anywhere anytime.


It costs more to maintain traditional call centers.

These costs include but are not limited to, licenses, hardware, installation, maintenance, and technical support.

With the cloud call center, you only need an internet connection, a computer, and a headset.

This spares your business the high costs of traditional set-ups while increasing the efficiency of your company with flexible cloud solutions.

cloud call centers do not have a large upfront hardware or infrastructure cost as long as your organization has a strong internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. Ongoing costs include a monthly subscription.


It is difficult but possible to integrate an on-premise call center with other services, mainly because of licensing and installation. XonTel Call Center features a public API that allows quick and easy integration with business applications such as CRM, ERP, SMS Gateways, Point of Sales Systems (POS), Hotel Management Systems, and Social Media Platforms.

XonTel Call Center is built and hosted within Amazon AWS infrastructure, and as such, our users can easily communicate natively with related tools.

Reporting and analytics:

With the right cloud call center software, you can keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, measure the value of marketing spend, and compile information about call times and agent performance.

Reduce Technical Staff:

Cloud systems provide all the necessary support built into the software.


Connect to your call center from anywhere in the world with a computer connected to the Internet.
Reach your customers anytime, anywhere from the office or home. Establishing a remote agent the program offers the opportunity to expand your hiring range to the entire country or even globally instead of merely looking for candidates within your office location.

XonTel is one of the pioneers in developing and manufacturing best Cloud call center and Cloud Contact Center solutions, services and various communication products which are used in local networks or via IP Technology (VOIP) in the Middle East, because of its long history in the world of communications in the Arab world.

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