XT-21 Wall Mounted SIP IP Speaker

For Home, Office

XonTel XT-21 IP Wall Speaker Easily controlled via XonTel IP PBX – it can be mounted on the wall, the speaker is ideal for installation in schools, offices, stores and hospitals. Output Power 60 Watt. It can be programmed to play background music, advertisements, or link a security or fire alarm.

  • XonTel Wall Mounted SIP Speaker work using IP technology, and can be controlled easily using XonTel PBX and IP/Phones remotely,once you pick up any phone headphone from any floor you can talk to any XT-21 speaker.
  • Nominal Output Power (Total) 60 Watt
  • Grouping feature,where you can put a number of speakers in one group,and you can call any group or speaker using your mobile phone from any place in the world using the internet.
  • XonTel Wall Mounted SIP Speaker support all modern PBX systems.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

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