XonTel CRM

Create meaningful experiences across the entire customer life cycle with these editions of XonTel CRM

All-In-One +

  • Sales + Support

    Everything in the sales and support editions

  • Projects

    Collaborate around projects with assignable tasks and gantt charts

  • Inventory

    Manage products and services and payments. Integrate with Quickbooks

  • Custom Modules

    Build new modules, relationships and workflows

Help Desk

  • Cases

    Multi-channel cases, with assignments and tasks

  • SLAs & Escalations

    Provide SLAs with stage-based target times and automatic escalations

  • Customer Portal

    Let customers manage cases, share files, view an FAQ and more

  • Insights

    Visualize the case pipeline, performance drivers and bottlenecks


  • Contacts

    Set meetings, take notes, send emails, place calls

  • Opportunities

    Assign deals, set meetings, track performance, forecast sales

  • Automation

    Create if-then rules that automate field updates, send emails, and more

  • Reporting

    Segment data, create charts, export CSV reports

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