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By Internet, telecommunication technology development, and the great need to call center system, call center solution , data transmission speeds development, the emergence of giant multinational companies, and even companies with branches in different countries, the communication systems within these companies have become one of the main pillars in customer service, dealing with them and the link between the company and its customers, which lead to increased reliance on call center systems and call center solution, so let’s explain in detail what is a call center system and call center solution ?

call center solution

What is a call center system ?

The call center software or call center solution is a system that allows companies to manage all communication channels with customers such as phone calls, e-mail, live chat, SMS and social media. 

The call center software can be used as part of customer service and help employees respond to customer inquiries and solve their problems.

Call center systems or call center solution has many shapes and functions, such as:


Call Details & Call Analysis


Billing system

automatic dialing software

Custom dashboards

Computer telephony integration

Automatic Call Distributor

Welcome messages (IVR)

For this reasone, you should Know the importance and understand the call center system and call center solution features before deciding to invest in it.

So, to help you get a better idea of ​​the suitable call system for your business, We will discuss all the information you might need to know in this article.

Thanks to the development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Cloud Computing, the hosted call center system or cloud call center requires only the basic components like a computer, a browser and an IP phone.

Using a call center system, you can now easily set up your own contact center, which can monitor the quality of the service provided to the customer, record calls via call recording system, analyze the content of conversations, manage queues, online calling back and social media support.

1- What are the types of call center or call center systems?

The purpose of the call center systems is helping companies to manage customer communications from any available channel with the company.

The call center program can be categorized into the following:

  • What are call center types?

    Company premises call center systems:

    Usually, it is sold with a license to use on time where the company employee operates, installs and maintains the call center.

    It requires installing the devices in all branches of your company and connecting them with each others

    It is the most professional type of call center, although it is also the most expensive.

  • 1- ما هي أنواع أنظمة الكول سنتر أو مركز الاتصال؟

    Cloud Computing Call Center Systems:

    Its idea is to have a call center system on the cloud

    It could be accessed from anywhere without the need to download or install any program

2- What do call centers provide?

To answer this question, we have to understand the main purpose and function of a call center.

  • The system allows companies to provide support, fully communicate with customers and respond to their inquiries.
  • It is the easiest way for better customer communication with your company, to allow them to interact with you and your products or services.
  • Communication with customers is carried out through the call center system in two directions,  from the customer to your company or from  your company to the customer, for purposes such as Marketing, offers, surveys, deals, discounts, etc.

To do all of the above and more, the call center system was designed with functionality to facilitate this two-way communication.

You can benefit from features like voicemail, email, support ticket, chat, conference and more.

For comprehensive information about clients, Call center systems provide integration and compatibility capabilities with CRMs, e-commerce or marketing platforms, and chating systems.

For example, the call center system can show you the following:

  • Caller’s previous purchase history, voicemails, notes, cases, phone calls with the company, Chat, support tickets, and more.
  • It allows you to provide better service, streamline workflow, and eliminate redundant information.

How does Call Center System operates?

Usually, call center software facilitates the following steps:

  • The system recognizes customers by checking their data in the database.

If the caller is not in the database, it will usually register the new caller client in the company’s databases to identify him in the future.

  • If the customer is already registered in the database, the system will show to the call center agent all his previous logs by receiving the call, and provide the agent with sufficient information about the client, including the client’s previous logs on the system, before dealing with him.
  • When the caller responds to the IVR, it will direct the call to the correct preset queue.
  • When the call enters the queue, all agents who are assigned to the queue can pick up the call manually. Or it automatically assigned based on an automated call forwarding system.
  • When the call is received and the customer answered, the call center agent can assist the customer, and answer all his inquiries or solve all his problems
  • If the call center agent cannot solve the customer’s problem during the call, The system allows him to save what has been accessed with the client, To reuse it later to follow up solving the customer’s problem.
  • Based on the customer’s response. The agent can indicate the status of the ticket as open, closed, resolved, or requires follow-up.
  • When the ticket status is marked as “Closed”, an automated survey call or email is sent to the customer for his feedback. The company can use its results for marketing strategies or other purposes.

As you can see from the previous steps, the call center system has simplified communication with the customer.

It makes the mission of a call center agent easier and less complex, ensuring efficiency and productivity, and enhancing quality and prompt customer support.

3- What are the call center system features?

IVR Welcome Voice Messages:

Which helps you direct the caller to the relevant department or the required service.

Call scheduling system:

It allows you to set the working hours in which you receive your customers’ calls, and outside working hours you can record a voice message to the customer by leaving his inquiry and he will be answered later.

Call forwarding feature:

You can transfer calls to the relevant department to deal and communicate with the customer well.

Unified number

The possibility of linking between short commercial numbers, landlines and internal lines for employees.

Comprehensive and accurate calls reports:

system allows you via call recording system to record all customers’ data, requests or complaints with high accuracy. It helps in evaluating the importance of each case individually and the priority of responding to it (high, medium or low).

Call recording system:

Call recording system is allowing you to recored all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded to ensure the quality of service and its development

Agent evaluation system:

An automated agent performance evaluation system after the end of each call.

By redirecting the client to this evaluation to test the employee’s level according to the clients opinion.

Unified Communication Channel (OMNI Channel):

You can view all your client’s history and monitor the number of calls and complaints and requests submitted by him on all communication channels.

Social media integration:

You can link  the company’s accounts in social media platforms (WhatsApp – Instagram – Facebook – Messenger or Twitter)

Public Portal

Enable your customers to register and follow up on their complaints or inquiries through the public ticketing portal.

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