The new generation of home Internet Access Point

XonTel Technology seeks to provide the best and the latest 5G solutions in the field of communications, and the distribution of the Internet through Wi-Fi 6 high-speed Access Point devices, for indoor buildings, such as company’s offices, homes and government agencies.

In this article, we offer you the latest technologies, it’s (Wi-Fi 6).

Where the Access Point system allows you to obtain Internet speeds by downloading, up to (1000Mbps) and more, depending on the type of Access Point device (AP) you use, and according to the speeds you get from the service provider, whether through fiber networks (Optical Ground Wire “OPGW”), or through the 5th generation network of mobile phone companies (5G) router.

How do you get high speeds of the Internet?

To get these high speeds using the XonTel Access Point (XT-3000AX), which supports this technology (Wi-Fi 6), and at speeds up to (3000Mbps).

You must ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is available in your home, to withstand these high speeds, according to the following explanation and notes:

1- It is recommended to use good quality cables (CAT6A or higher), and these cables must be (Shielded SFTP) which prevents the loss of data transmission speed over long distances of more than 20 meters.

2- These cables (CAT6A or higher) must be used between the Access Point device (XT-1800AX and the POE Switch), and between the router and the POE Switch as follows:

3- The device of the network POE Switch must support Gigabyte speeds.

4- When using the Internet, you must make sure that your computer or phone supports Wi-Fi 6 technology.

5- You must be at a distance do not exceed (6 meters) from the Access Point device (XT-1800AX), and without barriers between you and the aforementioned internet 5G router.

6 – You must make sure of the location of the 5G router in your home and the service provider, that they are actually able to provide you with this speed exceeding 500Mbps as a download on a regular and stable basis.

7 – Think carefully about using the XonTel Controller, which is able to connect more than one 5G Router at the same time, and combine their speeds to get a speed exceeding (800Mbps) as a download speed.

8- It is preferable to use (4) Access Point devices (XT-1800AX) in each floor, to obtain high speeds with (WIFI 6) technology, and this design below is based on a house area (400 square meters).

The number of devices can be reduced according to the customer’s desire in places that are not currently desired to be covered, but it is recommended to extend cables for these four devices in the decoration, so that additional devices can be installed in the future easily.


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