Types of CCTV or IP cameras and their importance in our contemporary life?

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Surveillance cameras or CCTV or IP Camera vary according to the places of its installation and the goals of installation.
The importance of surveillance cameras in our time is undeniable, as their presence has become commonplace in all public places, shops and homes.
CCTV or Surveillance cameras are used to monitor people’s movements, prevent crime before it occurs, and record it at the time of its occurrence so that the competent authorities and the police can identify the perpetrators and arrest them.
The role that CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems play in improving the safety and security of people and protecting property, and a lot of countless other functions, which we will talk about in this article, and then move on to reviewing their types.

Types and benefits of surveillance cameras (CCTV):

When it comes to public safety and security, video surveillance and security cameras are a must.

As we find them today almost everywhere, from nurseries to homes and villas indoor and outdoor, in offices, companies, workplaces, shops, hospitals, airports, streets…etc.

Yes, the most popular benefit of CCTV cameras is surveillance, but did you know that there are more than 15 benefits of these cameras,

You know them in the next paragraph.

The importance of installing security cameras in all places:

The places of their installation may vary, but they have common benefits, which are the goals that attract people to install them, which are represented in the following points:

  • Monitoring homes and what is going on around them during the period of absence, and determining the identity of the criminal if any break-in or theft occurred.
  • Deter the criminals and try to keep them away before they commit their ugly crimes.
  • CCTV Security cameras are located in the streets of cities to help in monitoring the behaviour of criminals, identifying their identities and arresting them.
  • Video surveillance cameras or Video CCTV can help prevent shoplifting.
  • It can prevent the theft of employees inside companies and offices.
  • Monitoring the workflow of employees and whether there is any inaction in the performance of their duties, which leads to productivity improving.
  • Video surveillance or Video CCTV can increase business profits thanks to the increase in work quality and productivity.
  • Reduce scams and fraud in shops.
  • Security cameras (CCTV) located in the streets and various public facilities, can reduce the risk of vandalism.
  • The presence of cameras inside your shop gives a good impression to customers that you care about their safety.
  • Peace of mind of the project manager all the time.
  • Avoid legal claims of fraud, which some customers claim, and to avoid project owners some problems, they can return to the cameras to find out exactly what happened with the customer.
  • Security cameras (CCTV) reduce the need to hire additional security personnel.
  • Cost effective and easily scalable.
  • Video surveillance or CCTV can reduce financial losses and identify and deter theft threats before they occur.

In fact, we have tried to limit the basic benefits provided by surveillance cameras (CCTV) at the personal and commercial levels, and here the question: What are the types of surveillance cameras (CCTV)? Keep reading to find out.

Types of surveillance cameras (CCTV) and the best ones:

If you are planning to get a security camera for your home or workplace and you are asking yourself “What kind of CCTV camera should I buy?

Read the article to the end so you can decide what kind of camera you want.

There are many surveillance CCTV cameras, and each one has its own shape, features, and uses, but we will talk about two main types of surveillance CCTV cameras:

  1. The first is Analog CCTV that was used before the great spread of the Internet, and these cameras still exist today, and it works quite differently from the second type.
  2. IP CCTV Cameras, it is an advanced Security Cameras Today, digital CCTV cameras are more advanced than the old CCTV models, and the main difference in IP CCTV cameras is how to transmit data via digital signals through the Internet.

But there is also many features CCTV cameras which are connect to the interne.

These features give business owners new ways to monitor their business and deter malicious activity.

Here is what you should know about analog CCTV cameras vs IP cameras.

IP CCTV Features:

CCTV IP cameras provide the following features:

  • The video quality is higher than that of its old-fashioned models, and it also offers a wider range of view and better zoom capabilities without losing image quality.
  • The usage of digital signals allows for the recognition of faces with great accuracy.
  • IP CCTV digital cameras provide a resolution of up to 20 times greater than Analog CCTV.
  • The digital cameras works with a stronger encryption, compression and protection of transmitted data,
  • Transfer media: The traditional models rely on a cables, while digital cameras transfer files wirelessly, which is faster and better over a long distances without quality loss concerns.
  • IP CCTV works intelligently and can be managed remotely, and segment the sent items to different recipients, with each receiving pre-set data.
  • Easy installation, IP CCTV cameras do not require a lot of wires and drilling, unlike Analog CCTV where each function such as audio, video and control may require a separate cable.
  • Easy development, the ease of installation increases the ease of expanding the network of cameras, without the complications of many wires and others.
  • The cost: It is believed that digital IP cameras are more expensive, but given the advantages of less installation and low equipment and labor costs, the price seems appropriate.

As most of tech equipment, there are advantages and disadvantages of each type of surveillance camera, and what affect your choice is the purpose of installation and the budget, but the best is IP CCTV to get the required effectiveness.

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