What is a access point (network distributor)?

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What is an access point?

In recent few years, with the significant development of the Internet and the support of most modern devices to access the Internet, Wi-Fi (wireless network) has become important in daily life, and One of its indispensable basics, and everyone in deep need of this network and its coverage wherever he is, including open places, airports, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, and stores, etc.

With so many options for routers, there are other devices that help wireless networks reach greater range and coverage, such as range extenders or Signal boosters, network hub devices, or wireless access points.

In this article, we review the differences between an access point, a network booster, and a router

What is the access point (network distributor)?

Wireless Access Point is a device that collects all wireless devices located in a place and connects them via wires to the main network to achieve communication between wired devices and wireless devices.

Multiple network hubs can also connect with each other to create a larger network, allowing more wireless devices to stay connected over a larger area.

مقوي الشبكة - موسع النطاق

What is a network extender (range extender)?

As for the network extender or range extender or Repeater, the function is to expand the coverage of the wireless network using transmitters by placing it within the range of the original network, programming it within the original network settings, and adjusting the private wireless network settings in order to cover the largest possible area of ​​​​homes and companies and solving the multiple connection issues, which occur due to the long distance between the devices that operate wireless Wi-Fi from the main transmission source.

What is a router?

A router is a network device that allows communication between the local home network and the Internet

Modern routers support taking the Internet signal and distributing it to the internal network, whether it is a wired or wireless network or both.

It is connected to another access point to start its distribution, where the access points are responsible for distributing the signal.

In general, an access point cannot be used as an Internet router, but the opposite is true, so a router can be used to act as an access point.

How to choose a suitable access point for your home or company?

There are several points that must be taken into consideration before choosing the appropriate access point, the most important of which are:

The manufacturer of the access point:

Many companies produce access points, such as Cisco, D-Link, and Huawei, but they are flawed by the exorbitantly high prices and the difficulty of configuring them, as in Cisco, for example – and there are other models such as Xontel access points that offer the same efficiency at the best price and technical support available around the clock and in the Arabic language.

Permanent update:

One of the most important factors is the existence of a permanent update from the manufacturer for the product, so obtaining an access point that supports updates for the operating system is important, and the longer the manufacturer issues periodic updates, the better.

Device support and installation:

The ability to help and technical support and the ease of making settings and easy configuration is one of the most important factors in favoring the Access Point model over the others because it helps you manage and control your network better and easier, so the easier and simpler the settings, the better it will be for the user.

Thus, we have reviewed the most important differences between the three devices and the use of each of them.

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