What is Power over Ethernet PoE?

Power over Ethernet, or what is known as PoE technology, is a pretty new technology, which can simplify settings using PoE switchs and reduce the cost of IP devices, such as phones, CCTVs, Speakers and other devices, which mainly rely on IP technology in their work.

If you don’t know much or want more details about Power over Ethernet technology, or why should you invest in PoE technology?

In this article, we will answer some frequently asked questions to explain PoE technology and its benefits.

ما هي تقنية PoE

What is the powering via the internal network or via Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a method of powering and connecting cables and electricity via an Ethernet cable connected to a switch in an internal network (LAN), Instead of using an adapter or electrical supply to turn the device on, and of course the switch must support the power supply feature of the devices, PoE technology can deliver up to 15.4W from each switch output.

How does Power over Ethernet or PoE work?

Ethernet cables can carry electrical side by side with data transition, which is sent simultaneously using separate wires.

So, PoE enables devices to receive electricity and data from one single Ethernet cable, while devices that do not support PoE power, only receive data.

When any PoE device is connected to the local network via an Ethernet cable, it is automatically identified by the power-supplying switch and immediately starts sending power to that device. Conversely, if a device does not support PoE power supply, data is sent only to that device.

What devices are compatible with or powered by PoE technology?

What cables should I use to powering PoE?

Any cables will enable you to supply power over the network, but of course it is preferable and recommended to use Category 5E (Cat 5e) or Category 6 (Cat 6) cables.

What is PoE+?

PoE+, is the second generation of power supplies, which can deliver up to 25.5W of power, which is nearly the double of the original generation, enabling more devices to run.

What are the benefits of Power over Ethernet PoE technology?

This technology provides many economic benefits and operational efficiency for all companies of all kinds.

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