How Do Call Centers Operate

Posted on: June 18th, 2017 by Sahabtec

Everyone Should Know Basic Facts About Call Centers

Call Centers are ubiquitous these days. You must have seen arrays of desks lined up with people on either side with headphones bigger than their heads propped on their heads. Well, call centers have a lot more to them than the constant murmur of voices interlaced with telephone rings..

Here are 5 basic facts everyone should know about call centers and their operations:

1. PABX, PBX, and ACD are some acronyms associated with the origin of call centers and the call center system. The inception of the call center was in the 1850s with the development of ACD or the Automatic Call Distributor technology that was capable of handling a large number of callings at a time. Then, in 1972, UK’s Birmingham Press and Mail started using PABX systems. PABX stands for Private Automated Business Exchange and PBX for Private Business Exchange System. The PBX was automated using the ACD to form PABX which could manage a large number of calls and contacts.

2. The Philippines was declared as the Call Center Capital of the world’ 2015 with than 1 million Filipinos dedicated to the outsourcing industry, their major clients being based out of America. This is because of the proximity of a Filipino accent to an American one and their familiarity with the American culture.

3. A Contact Center is an important terminology in the world of call centers. A contact center is a where all the information related to customers are storing, such as their names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. These contact centers are managed by the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) branch of a call center to update and gather customer data. In a way, a contact center is a resource for a call center. An automated software handles the large volume of data in a Contact Center.

4. Often, people confuse Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with call centers but the two terms are not the same. There is thin of difference between them. A BPO, as the implies, outsources a portion of its work to an external firm, either to save costs or to increase their operating efficiency. A call center handles inbound and outbound calls. Inbound calls can be related to customer servicing and queries. Outbound calls are aimed at marketing. Hence, a call center is a BPO but the reverse is not always true unless the service outsourced is specifically related to communicating with people over calls. A business can also outsource its jobs which are not necessarily related to handling calls.

5. Banking and Finance, Consulting and the Healthcare Industry are the top customers of call centers in the world.

Call centers run at the heart of the customer relationship and marketing branch of businesses and the industry is rapidly adapting to new technologies and growing every day

XonTel IP Phone

Posted on: May 15th, 2017 by Sahabtec

An IP phone is an electronic device that operates distinctly and in an efficient manner than the traditional phone. Instead of using the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), it is routed over an internet protocol. This is because IP phones are incompatible with the circuit-switched, PSTN. Additionally, an IP phone does not connect through a phone jack, rather it connects to the internet through Ethernet cable, where it links to the IP address of either the hosted PBX provider or the VoIP provider.

Generally, IP phones come with numerous operating systems and in diverse shapes. The appearance of some IP phones is similar to that of traditional phones. Some IP Phones may feel or look like android or apple tablets, yet others assume the shape of a conference phone that has microphones and a speaker around it. Most importantly, IP Phones have the ability to use Ethernet cable as a mechanism to get their power, especially where power is unavailable.

XonTel delivers a wide variety of IP phones. Notably, XonTel ’s line of IP phones features enhanced functionality and instinctive user interface that makes it easier for companies and individuals to connect and increase productivity. XonTel allows life-like, clear, and rich communications, third-party communications, flexible deployment, and outsourced management options. The technology adopted by Sabtec is an economical IP solution that assists users to streamline business operations and to deliver a strong, consistent, and secure communication experience for both small and big business setup. Furthermore, XonTel ’s IP Phones have the potential to make Session Initiation Protocol calls (SIP calls).

The company supplies SIP-enabled endpoints that are always ready to connect with the company’s PBXs and several installed servers. Notably, XonTel ’s XonTel XT-19P IP-Phone model comes with mode ((EHS support for Plantronics headsets), HD voice, 2 SIP lines, supports contact center headphones, and a 2.8 In color LCD screen. This device is POE enabled, meaning it uses Ethernet cable to get its power. This saves a lot of energy and costs needed to avail power for each end. Additionally, this IP Phone model has a two-year warranty. However, if users prefer to use a more extensive end, XonTel has other solutions such as the XonTel XT-22G IP-Phone model, which can provide better IP solutions. Particularly, this model is a high-end enterprise IP Phone that has a brilliant DSS key-mapping LCD, which helps to enhance productivity at an economical price.

XonTel also has an improved, and innovative IP Phone branded XonTel XT-23G. Notably, this IP Phone is aa ingenious enterprise-level color mode, which can even support a 5-way conference. Accordingly, this model can be optimized for administrative assistants, for people who operate or works with a bandwidth-intensive app on compiled PCs, and most importantly, for executive use, especially for critical decision makers. XonTel XT-23G IP Phone also has a high-resolution HD voice and TFT-LCD that generates life-like audio-visual experience. Lastly, the company has the XonTel XT-30G IP Phone model that supports HDMI, PoE, among other features. Because of the various models of IP Phones, the choice will be influenced by the role of the user.

Announce Enterprise HD IP Phone XT-23G

Posted on: January 7th, 2017 by Sahabtec

XonTel, a leading provider of VoIP and Unified Communications solutions, are pleased to announce the latest XonTel phone XT-23G, With options Gigabit phones, HD, and color display, XonTel providers with XT-23G choice that meet the diverse needs of Enterprise and SMB customers.

The XT-23G is an innovative Gigabit Color IP Phone optimized for executive use for major decision makers, administrative assistants and those working with bandwidth-intensive application on collocated PCs. The programmable keys can be configured as IP PBX features such as BLF, SCA, Intercom, Call Pickup, Call Park and many other features. The high-resolution TFT-LCD and HD Voice bring you the lifelike visuals and voice clarity.

Phone Features:
• 4 SIP accounts
• Call hold, mute, DND
• One-touch speed dial, hotline
• Call forward, call waiting, call transfer
• Redial, call return, auto answer, direct IP call,
• 5-way conference
• XML Browser, action URL/URI
• Group listening, SMS, emergency call
Click here For more information and full datasheet

XonTel in Cairo ICT Exhibition 2016

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XonTel participating in Cairo ICT Exhibition with our official Agent in Eygpt Arab Security Company. 784c06e4f5d3b61ffd5815437c2e8862

Visit us at GITEX Technology Week October 2016

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Sahab Tecnology now a Global Accredited AWS Consulting Partner

Posted on: February 14th, 2016 by Sahabtec

Sahab Tecnology is pleased to announce its designation as a global accredited AWS consulting partner for cloud computing solutions. Sahab Tecnology are proud to be among the first AWS Partners ever to gain public designation as an Advanced Technology Partner.


Sahab Technology Authorized From IEEE

Posted on: February 13th, 2016 by Sahabtec

Sahab Technology proud to announce that All XonTel Hardware Authorized From IEEE.


XonTel S200 Authorized From CITC

Posted on: February 12th, 2016 by Sahabtec

We proudly announce That Our Product XonTel S200 now certified and authorized from CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission)


Sahab Tecnology is the Google for Work authorized re seller

Posted on: February 9th, 2016 by Sahabtec

Sahab Tecnology has been a Google Apps Reseller since 2012.
This means we have met strict qualifications, have certified team members, and have direct access to Google account executives, support technicians, and deployment specialists.


Latest solution catalog has been released.

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We're pleased to announce the release of our latest solution catalog which contains our products and services.

Check out our latest release of Sahab Technology Solution Catalog through the following link. is getting new look

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We are pleased to announce our newly designed website at Our website’s fresh new look, user-friendly navigation and probe search functionality are some of thefeatures you will enjoy. The new site has several easy to use drop down menus with updated information about XonTel products and applications. One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site. The new design allows the users to quickly find the contents thanks to its easy hierarchical structure. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site and find more options and information each time.


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