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Speakers Next Generation, Intelligent IP Speaker

When installing a new VoIP System in your office, institution, or plant, it makes sense to extend the system to include mass notification.

In today’s world, a mass notification system is necessary, especially in schools, malls, airports, and large campuses. If you don’t already have an analog speaker system in place, extend your VoIP System that last mile to include IP Speakers or Bluetooth speaker as SIP endpoints. XonTel offers IP speakers and Bluetooth speakers which connect to your VoIP system as if they were another VoIP Phone or through the zone, controllers to give you control over where your message is extended to.

To extend your reach, it can be connected to less expensive analog ceiling speakers allowing you to use your VoIP system to communicate while saving costs on speaker hardware.

XonTel offers a wide variety of IP ceiling speakers and Bluetooth speaker including industry standard 8in round ceiling speakers, as well as a wall-mounted speaker and intercom systems. Unify your messaging by combining your IP speaker system with a network clock or an IP digital message board.

XonTel’s IP-based speakers are SIP-compliant, multicast-capable devices that can integrate seamlessly with most leading Unified Communication, Collaboration, Mass Notification, and VoIP telephone systems. All XonTel IP speakers are PoE or PoE+ powered for ease of connectivity and include wideband audio and G.722 voice codec for HD voice quality output.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker provides a convenient and easy way to play your music or radio in your home, office or company from handheld devices where your favorite apps and streaming services are installed.

This is a collection of quality wireless speakers, including some ceiling Bluetooth speaker models, that can receive an audio stream via a Bluetooth signal from a connected device such as a smartphone or tablet. All-in ceiling-mounted Bluetooth speakers include a built-in amplifier and require a connection to mains power.

If you want to know more about ceiling Bluetooth speakers and UHF wireless microphones, check out our products where we explain XonTel Bluetooth Speaker and UHF wireless microphone range in detail.


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