Tips Before Buying Surveillance Cameras.

Buying-Surveillance Cameras
buying-Surveillance Cameras

Customers often buy surveillance camera systems without verifying their requirements or knowing some minor details that could completely change the purchase process from one type of security camera to another. A common problem after purchasing and installing the cameras is that the customer discovers that the system or the way it is distributed does not meet all of their needs or that some details that could have affected the purchase decision were overlooked.

In this article, we will review some of the details, tips, and guidelines that you should consider before purchasing surveillance cameras:


Make sure to select the correct number of security cameras that can cover the entire area from different angles. It is preferable if each camera “protects” another camera, as some customers choose a small number of cameras to cover a relatively large area in order to save costs. However, this way of thinking is wrong, and fixing this mistake will cost more than choosing the correct number of cameras from the beginning.

If the security camera installation location is outside the home or company, in the open air, or in direct sunlight, you must choose a camera with weather-resistant housing that can withstand temperature, rain, and other weather conditions.

If the camera is in a dark or dimly lit location at all times, you must purchase surveillance cameras with high-quality night vision capabilities.

The camera angle should be 180 degrees to cover the largest possible area.

The path of all camera connections and cables must be in a safe, hard-to-reach location.

Sufficient storage space – sometimes, a customer chooses storage units with small capacities to save costs. Later discovers that the available recording time is very short and is forced to change to a more prominent storage solution, which means higher repair costs.

Easy installation and replacement of surveillance cameras – Some complex cameras are difficult to install, require a specialized technician, and have higher replacement costs.

The camera operating system is simple and easy to use. Many cameras have complex operating systems that require a specialized technician to retrieve data or control them.

Ensure you purchase the latest and highest quality and resolution available on the market – The higher the resolution and quality, the more reliable and effective the security surveillance cameras will be, and vice versa.

Cloud storage capability: Sometimes, in the event of theft or fire, God forbid, the central camera storage units can be lost or damaged, meaning all evidence and recordings are lost. Therefore, some companies have provided cloud storage capability for cameras, making it easy to access recordings from anywhere, usually for a small monthly subscription fee.

Camera systems support and are compatible with communication systems: Some modern camera systems can connect and send messages or alerts to mobile phones or email for the homeowner in the event of suspicious movements or the presence of strangers at the home or workplace.


That covers the key tips to consider before purchasing security surveillance cameras.

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